Pet Sitting in LansdaleAdam is a very handsome cat that we have the privilege of caring for!  He greets us immediately when we arrive to receive lots of petting and head scratching.   He’ll roll all over the floor, enjoying the love and attention! Then Adam decides when he’s done with affection and wants to get on to playtime!

Adam is a very acrobatic cat!  He leaps, twists and turns trying to catch whatever we’re playing with that day.  He is so agile you would think he’s still a kitten!

A few of Adam’s favorite things:

Lansdale Pet Sitter

 Laser pointer! Adam loves chasing our laser pointer all over his home! He will literally chase the laser right up the wall! 

Feather / String Toys! Adam also enjoys stalking any feather / string toys.  He will leap to the top of his cat tree to catch it! He will jump several feet in the air if you whip the feather toy around fast enough!

Treats! Adam loves his Greenies treats.  All it takes to get his attention, is to get out the Greenies bag and he comes running! 

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