Pet Sitting LansdaleOur “Pet Of The Week” this week is Lucy! Lucy is a wonderful Rottweiler that we have the privilege of walking on a weekly basis! We have walked Lucy since she was a puppy and have loved watching her grow!

Lucy is super loving and playful! She greets us with tons of kisses and hugs!  “Keep Away” is her favorite game and she will play it with any socks or towels she finds around her home! Lucy is a very intelligent girl!  She has learned that giving up an exciting sock will earn her a delicious treat!

Some of Lucy’s favorite things include:

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  • Walks! Lucy absolutely loves her walks! I think she would walk all day if we could
    keep up! 
  • Sticks! Lucy has a love affair with any stick she might find on our walks! She is determined to find the perfect stick and will attempt to bring all of them home if we let her!
  • Playtime! Lucy loves a good game of fetch! She will chase her ball repeatedly, never getting worn out!

We are so thankful to know Lucy and get to spend time with her each week! She makes us laugh and smile at every visit!  There is nothing more hilarious than when she carries a mouthful of sticks or a stick thats bigger than her entire body!