Dog Walker LansdaleLucy is a sweet Yorkshire Terrier that we have the pleasure of walking on a weekly basis.  She greets us at the front door with her whole body wagging, not just her tail!  The sight of her just makes me smile…no matter what kind of day I’ve been having.  Lucy is the happiest little dog. Her happiness is infectious! 

Lucy really enjoys her walks.  Her little legs hustle us along…she’s a speed walker!   She barely stops long enough to do her “business”!  Lucy is very alert – checking out everyone and everything we pass. She enjoys exploring the world!

After our walk, Lucy sits pretty to receive her treat.  We sit on the couch to watch her Pet Sitter Lansdale PAfavorite TV channel, Animal Planet!  Lucy curls up on my lap or on the blanket beside me to give and receive lots of love and attention!  Lucy is a little love bug and we are so fortunate to know her!

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