Meet Rosco! Rosco is a very handsome American Bulldog that we have the privilege of walking on a weekly basis. We Roscohave walked him for over a year now and love every minute of it! Rosco is young so he still has a lot of puppy-ish energy and excitement but he’s also very gentle and super loving! Rosco could certainly be described as a “gentle giant”. He is so happy each time we arrive for a walk! Rosco is well trained and a master at commands like “stay”!

Some of Rosco’s favorite things include:

  • Backscratches! Rosco will never turn down a good backscratch! In fact, he expects a good backrub each time I arrive! He’ll even repeatedly kick his back foot if you scratch in just the right spot!
  • Long Walks! Rosco loves going on long walks in his neighborhood! He enjoys sniffing everything along the way! He especially loves it when we walk on the shady nature trail. He can see and smell lots of wild animals!
  • Treats! Rosco absolutely loves his treats and expects a treat the moment we return from a walk!

Rosco is certainly one of our favorites and we are so fortunate to know him! He’s such a good boy!


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