Pet Sitting in North WalesIts February again and that means it’s National Pet Dental Health Month! As your local North Wales pet sitter, I’m often asked about dental health. Some pet parents aren’t sure if their furbabies’ dental health is important. Taking care of your furkids teeth is very important!

Sometimes it might seem as insignificant as bad “dog breath”, but periodontal disease is very serious. It is the most prevalent disease threatening the lives of our pets! If your pets’ teeth are not brushed and clean, it can lead to the buildup of harmful bacteria. That bacteria  can cause infections in their major internal organs! Most of us havent had our pets teeth professional cleaned in quite awhile and its time!

Teeth cleaning for cats and dogs CAN be very expensive. Depending on the number of extractions, the total bill can be well over $1000. The  good news  about Pet Dental Health Month is that many Vets offer a discount this month! Call around to your local Vet offices and find out who does the best work for the cheapest price!

A professional teeth cleaning has many benefits including: 

  • The harmful bacteria will be removed!
  • That horrible “dog breath” will be gone!
  • Your pets will have an easier time eating after painful teeth are extracted! 
  • Most furkids are feeling great and completely back to normal the very next day!

Some early warning symptoms of periodontal disease in our furbabies includes: stinky breath, bleeding gums, tartar buildup, changes in eating behavior and excessive drooling.

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