Dog Walker North WalesThe use of dogs by the military started as far back as the Roman Empire. Throughout the years, many countries utilized the help of our furry canine friends during combat and war time. The United States didn’t until the 1942 after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Since then the use of dogs by U.S. Military has grown. They have been trained and used for:
1. Messengers
2. Silent scouts to provide warnings
3. Casualty to find wounded soldiers and help medics
4. pack carriers
5. Bomb & drug locators

Most working military dogs are either Belgian Malinois (also often employed as K-9 police dogs too), and Dutch and German Shepherds. Odor detecting dogs, such as those that sniff for bombs or drugs are often Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers. 

The United States War Dogs Association is an organization that tells the story of our four legged soldiers and provides various services to them. It helps provide the needed equipment for combat. Dogs in certain environments need cooling vests, goggles and booties. The Association helps the retired military dogs get back home and works with adoption agencies to find them a forever home.

To help our four legged military and learn more about U.S. War Dogs Association, visit

~written by guest blogger and North Wales dog walker Mary Ann W.

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