North Wales Pet SittingAs your local North Wales pet sitter, I am often asked by new clients if I should keep or return their keys when their trip is over.  Some people feel more comfortable with having their sitter return the keys at the conclusion of their trip. Others are more comfortable knowing that their sitter has their key on file for future use.  We leave it completely up to our clients to make that decision. 

Before making that decision, you may want to ask your pet sitter how they store your key. At PURRfect Pet Companion, we store all client keys in a lockbox. Keys are not labeled with first names, last names or addresses. 

I can tell you a few pro’s to having your pet care provider keep your house key.

1. They have your key for future use! Letting your pet sitter keep your keys on file means that they will be ready for your next trip or visit that you schedule. If they do not have your key on file, you’ll have to scramble to arrange a meeting time for key pick up. Its one less thing you’ll need to worry about when planning your vacation.

2. Last minute visits! One of the best reasons to have a pet sitter on call is for last minute needs. Sometimes you may need to take a last minute trip, or get called out of town with little warning. If your pet sitter does not already have your key on file, they wont have a way to get into your home!

3. Lock outs! If you ever happen to get locked out of your home, your pet sitter may be able to let you in! Life happens and sometimes we get ourselves locked out of our own homes! If your sitter has your key, they can always help!

Either way, its completely up to your level of comfort and security. Definitely talk to your pet care provider about how they handle keys. Also keep in mind that most professional companies will charge a key pickup and drop off fee, as they are driving out of their way to get your keys.

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