It has been 6 months since my beloved furbaby, Gizmo, passed away.  He was a beautiful, long haired black cat.  Gizmo was my constant companion for 15 years.  I loved him dearly and miss him very much.  I really miss the companionship and joy a furry little bundle can bring.  So I decided it was time to adopt!

Lansdale Pet SitterHere in the Lansdale area, we have shelters and many rescue groups that have all kinds of pets that need of a loving forever home. The various rescues have websites with their application form along with pictures and biographies of their adoptable cats.  Fill out an application form either online or at the local store which is associated with the rescue.  The applications are easy to fill out.  Call your Vet to authorize the release of your current or previous pets medical history to the rescue group.  Adoption fees range from $75 – $95 depending upon rescue group.  Fees help pay for vaccinations, neutering and other Vet care as needed.

I applied two local rescues. The first was Stray Cat Blues.  They show some of their adoptable cats at Pet Smart, which you can see and meet. They also foster more cats in volunteers homes. Sharon is the person in charge of adoptions. She was very helpful and kind. 

I also applied to The Philly Kitty.  Their adoptable kitties are often on display Pet Valu stores.  Kate is the coordinator of adoption. She was also very kind and knowledgeable. She helped me pick out the right cat for me.

Both of these rescue groups are wonderful organizations! They work so hard to give all of these kitties a great, forever home. Please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group.  You can also foster or donate to these organizations.  All of us can help the many homeless pets in our area.

~Written by guest blogger and Lansdale Pet Sitter Mary Ann W.

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