There is a lot of debate in the pet industry on what your favorite feline should be eating. Many cat owners feed their  Pet Sitting in North Wales, PAkitties dry food for several reasons. Its often easier, more cost effective, and doesn’t spoil as quickly. Ive heard several cat owners say that the dry food helps their kitties teeth. They say the crunching and chewing of dry food will help to clean their teeth. But, is this true?

The information I’ve heard and read over the years has made me completely shift to only buying my cats wet food. Here are some examples:

  • Dry food often has more carbs, wet food has more protein. Just like for people, a high carb diet will often make us fat.
  • Cats have teeth for tearing, not crunching. Dry food only helps to clean teeth when it is crunched. Many kitties even swallow their dry food whole, so it couldn’t help their teeth at all.
  • Wet food contains a lot of moisture. Most kitties do not drink enough water as is, so getting a bit of extra moisture from their food is beneficial!

As always, consult with your Vet first and do your research. But in my experience, my cats are healthier and thinner because of their wet food! The brand and type of wet food you should feed is up to you, your kitties and your Vet. As always, a higher quality food will be better for your favorite feline!

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