Alley, exhausted from her walk!

Alley, exhausted from her walk!

Like most dog owners, you have heard of the idea of dog walking services. As your local Lansdale dog walker, I often hear and read comments on the internet like “who can afford a dog walker?” or “I can walk my own dog for free!” In truth, yes you can walk your own dog for free, but hiring a dog walking service is not as expensive or unnecessary as you may think!

If you have a puppy or a senior dog, you definitely have a more immediate need for a dog walker. Neither puppies nor senior dogs can “hold it” as long as a normal, healthy dog. However, between the exercise benefits and the potty break – a mid-day walk is beneficial for almost every dog!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you might need a dog walker:

1. Your dog will get a good exercise walk! By hiring a dog walking service, you know that your dog will receive a good, long walk. Whether you have a big backyard or take your dog on short potty break walks, your dog still needs the exercise and stimulation that come from a long walk. Even the most energetic dogs will be more relaxed and tired after a walk. A daily walk will also help to keep your dog in shape! Just like humans, dogs gain weight when they don’t get enough exercise.

2. Your dog will get a mid-day potty break! Many dog owners think its alright for their dog to hold it while they are at work – sometimes between 8-11 hours at a time. Can you imagine trying to “hold it” for that length of time? Small dogs have small bladders and need to urinate more frequently, so they may have an especially hard time waiting 8-11 hours! It also may not be the best idea to force your dog to hold it for this amount of time. 

3. Sometimes running home during your lunch break isn’t possible! If you know that your dog needs a mid-day potty break, you may try to use your lunch break to run home and let your dog out. Although many people are able to do this, some simply cannot drive all the way home and back over a short lunch break. For those that can – consider this- between the additional gas costs and the additional wear and tear on your vehicle, this option might be costing you more than hiring a dog walker. And its significantly more stressful and time consuming! By running home and just letting your dog potty, your dog is also not getting the long walk that they crave and you are not getting to enjoy your lunch break and …eat lunch! 

So while some people may consider a dog walker to be an extra or unnecessary expensive – I promise – your dog will thank you for it! The cost of hiring a dog walker is often outweighed by the benefits it provides to your furry friend! You can come home at the end of a long, hard day and your dog will be happy and relaxed!

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