During my years caring for pets, I’ve encountered a lot of pet stains – both urine and feces. There are a lot of options forPet Sitter in Hatfield PA how best to clean these stains depending on where the stain is located. In this blog entry, I’ll discuss removing stains from carpeting, as this can be the most difficult!

If pet stains are not treated properly, the stain can set in and become very difficult to remove. Other pet stains, especially urine, can leave a lingering scent that may encourage your pet to eliminate in that spot again. Cat urine has an especially strong odor and if not cleaned properly, kitties can still smell it, even when humans cannot.

Getting a feces stain out of carpet:

  • Pick up and discard the solids
  • Clean the stain with “Nature’s Miracle” or another enzyme based cleaner several times
  • Last, its often best to go over the stain with a carpet cleaning machine to remove any leftover bacteria

 Getting urine stains out of carpet:

  • While Resolve and other carpet cleaners can work pretty well, Natures Miracle works using enzymes to destroy the odor and bacteria
  • First, blot up the excess urine
  • Saturate the area with Natures Miracle
  • Blot up the cleaner and dab the spot dry
  • I would also go over the area with a carpet cleaning machine to remove any leftover bacteria or odor

 Always remember – just because you don’t smell it, doesn’t mean your pets don’t!

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