All tuckered out after a good walk!

As your local North Wales dog walker, I have a lot of experience walking dogs under all kinds of conditions. I walk dogs in the heat, the snow,or the rain. I also walk dogs that aren’t always perfect on a leash.  Dog walking is a daily job no matter what the weather or dog’s temperament may bring. Over the years I’ve put together the best “essentials” to have with me for dog walking. These accessories make my life and my job a lot easier!


1. A good leash! A good nylon 4 foot leash is essential to walking dogs. The Kong “Traffic Handle Quick Control” Leash is my absolute favorite. Its comes in some cute colors, it has a padded grip and a traffic stop loop. 

2. Port-a-poo! This is a little device that clips onto almost any size leash. Its designed to hold onto the poop bag so that you don’t have to!

3. Poop Bag Holder! I use a “Dog Bag Duffel”. They sell their own brand bags, which are scented and have handles! I also really like this holder because you can stuff any brand of poop bags inside.

4. Harness! A good no-pull harness is also an essential! I’m partial to the “Easy Walk Harness” or the “Freedom Harness”! Both have their pros and cons, but both effectively stop any dog from pulling!

As a dog walker, I’ve learned that having good dog walking supplies with you will go a long way! They will make any dog walk go much more smoothly!

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