Most people love playing with their cat. But if you are strapped for time, or your cat is very playful and cant get enough playtime, there are a few fun toys out there for you! I wouldn’t recommend buying these toys and leaving them on while you are away and expecting to come home to an exhausted cat. However, they can add a lot of fun to your kitty’s life with minimal supervision.

  • My cats’ first favorite is the Panic Mouse. This fun, battery operated toy swishes and bobs a feathery / fuzzy mouseCat Sitting in Lansdale, PA around. Your cat will bat at it, or even attack it happily! You can even adjust the speed and it generally will not fall over even if your cat hits it hard.
  • Our second favorite is the Undercover Mouse. It is basically a mouse-like object that spins around underneath a round blanket. It looks (to your cat) as if there is a real mouse running around under the blanket material. My cats adore this toy and will happily swat at it for up to 30 minutes.

As I mentioned before, I always check on the kitties every few minutes to make sure the toy wasn’t knocked over or someone didn’t catch their nail in the toy.

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