When we rescue or adopt a cat, it often already has a name.  Sometimes we don’t like that name or don’t find the name to be fitting for our pet or their personality.  For example, my sweet girl kitty Mimi was named Zeus when I rescued her.  She had been named that by the Cat Rescue’s Vet staff because they assumed she was a boy.  This was probably due to the fact that she is orange striped and many orange cats are male.  Zeus just didn’t fit her not only because she is female but because she is very timid and shy. I’m not entirely sure why we chose “Mimi” but it suits her! My orange male cat was named Fuzzy Bear when I adopted him from a friend. Not only did I not like that name but I also felt it was too long. Within days of bringing him home, he was “Monty”.

I guess you could say I’m pretty boring in naming my kitties. I generally stick with standard names, unlike some of the funny names listed below!

The Veterinary Pet Insurance Company collects and publishes dog and cat names each year.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Wackiest Cat Names:

Cat Sitter in Lansdale

1. Cheeto Burrito
 2. Fuzzbutt
 3. Mama Pajama
 4. Lady Fluffington
 5. Nut Job
 6. Stinky Baby
 7. Doctor Whiskers
 8. Rum Tum Tugger Too
 9. Fatness
 10. Pizza Guy

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