As your local Lansdale pet sitter, I’m often asked questions about how we do our job. There are several items that I bring with me to every cat sitting visit. Some of these items are essential and some of the items are just for fun! I will walk you through the items a pet sitter should bring to a kitty visit to make the visit go as smoothly as possible!

  • Pet / Client Information: We bring all of the information and forms that we have about your home and pets. Welansdale pet sitter will have your kitty’s feeding instructions, your home care instructions, all of your contact information and your preferred Vet info! This way we will not forget any important steps!
  • Pet Emergency Kit: We always have a Pet First Aid / Emergency Kit on hand. We do not claim to have any Veterinarian training or experience, but a First Aid kit could always come in handy and we want to be prepared!
  • Toys: I bring a laser pointer and a feathery wand toy to each kitty visit. I find that most kitties love chasing the “red dot” around the house! Other kitties love chasing and attacking the feathery toy! I want to spend as much time as possible giving your kitties affection and playtime, so these 2 toys help to entertain almost all kitties!

These are just a few of the items that we will bring to each cat visit. We want to make your trip as easy and carefree as possible for both you and your kitties! Summer is quickly approaching – book your kitties’ vacation cat sitting today!

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