There are many items on your kitty’s wish list. Your kitty would tell you that most of them are essentials! Don’t be tempted by your cat’s food wishes, as tuna and cream are generally not good for cats!

  • Your kitty probably wants a Cat Water Fountain! Cats seem to love a continuous flow of water. It encourages them Cat Sitter North Wales PAto drink more, which is very beneficial to their health.
  • Most kitties thoroughly enjoy a Cat Tree! Whether you choose one that’s 3 feet tall or one that reaches the ceiling, most cats seem to enjoy being up high! Many kitties feel safer watching things from up high!
  • Your cat probably also wants a wand/fishing rod type toy. These come in a variety of designs but generally resemble a fishing rod and they have something dangling from the end – often feathers. Most cats love these and are interested in playing with them daily!
  • Fake mice! Domestic kitties still have some urge to hunt, so fake mice can often be very fun for them! My cat Mimi, will even play fetch with them! She says she prefers the purple or green mice!

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