You are at your local pet store looking for a new leash for Fido. When looking for a leash, you are presented with a lot of choices. There are several types of leashes and some are used for different purposes. Which one should you choose? This Hatfield Pet Sitter has a lot of experience with leashes and I’d love to share it with you!

  • A nylon or cloth leash is my preferred leash type. They come in a variety of lengths, patterns and colors. I like 6 footPet Sitting in Hatfield PA leashes because I can wrap it several times around my hand to maintain control – even if the dog lunges at a squirrel! Some people prefer 4 foot leashes for training a dog to walk politely next to you.
  • A long lead is generally made of nylon but is much longer than your average leash (generally around 25 – 50 feet). This leash is often used for training, especially when teaching a dog to come back to you. We frequently used this style of leash in my dog’s puppy training class.
  • A leather leash is made of strong sturdy leather so it will never snap. Leather also doesn’t wear as quickly and wont get as dirty. However, I find these leashes less comfortable and have trouble wrapping it around my hand.

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