There are a lot of advantages to using a pet sitting service instead of kenneling your pets. While a lot of kennels can provide excellent care for our pets, sometimes kenneling your furbaby may not be ideal.  I’ll detail a typical kenneling experience versus a typical pet sitting experience.

Pet Sitter in LansdaleMany pets are very nervous about traveling in a car, so simply traveling to the kennel can be very upsetting for your furbaby. Once they arrive they will generally be surrounded by both two-legged and four-legged strangers. Your pet will often hear constant barking and can be exposed to kennel cough and other illnesses. Your furbaby can also run the risk of being bitten or confronted by less friendly pets. Your pet will typically spend most of their day in a small confined area that is completely unfamiliar to them. Once the vacation is over and Mommy or Daddy comes to pick them up, they must now get back in the car to travel home. This also involves Mom and Dad have to go out of their way on their way home from a trip to pick their pet up. 

When using a pet sitting service, your pet doesn’t need to travel in a car, and can remain in their own familiar environment. Your baby can sleep in your bed or their own nice, warm pet bed as they usually do. They can play with their same toys and eat out of their same dishes. Your pet can remain on their same feeding and potty break schedule. They can go for long walks, play ball in their own yard, and most importantly, be showered with tons of love and affection. When the vacation is over, Mom and Dad can come right home and find their babies happy and content!

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