As a local North Wales dog walker and pet sitter, I have used all kinds of harnesses and collars over the years. In my last article I talked about the best harness I’ve ever used – the Easy Walk Harness. This harness is designed to prevent dogs from pulling on walks. I think this design is easy to navigate and works extremely well on those stubborn pullers. I wanted to follow up with an article on a few of the things you should know before buying (so that you could get a fair assessment).

1. Some dogs may get out
! It is easier for some dogs to slip out of this harness. Dogs with short legs, or front elbows that are close to the body, will have an easier time slipping out of this harness. That is due to the design of the harness, and where it rests on the body. However, it is fully secure on most medium to large breeds. To secure the harness better on small breeds you may want to consider clipping the leash to the dog collar as well, or using an additional tether between the collar clip and harness clip. North Wales Dog Walker

2. Winter Coat Woes! Most winter dog coats and sweaters will add a leash slit on the back of their apparel, but due to the clip being on the front of this harness, some coats may completely cover the clip.

3. Tangled mess! It is easier for a dog to get the leash tangled in their legs. Because the leash is clipped to the front of the harness, the leash passes around the body and next to their legs, making it a lot easier for a pup to simply step over the leash and get it tangled in their body.

In summary, I truly think the Easy Walk Harness is the best on the market for discouraging pulling in a gentle way. But like all amazing products – it does have some downfalls. Most of these downfalls can be worked around or prevented as long as you know ahead of time!

~Written by guest blogger and North Wales dog walker, Anna J!

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