Lansdale dog walkingIn our last article we discussed all of the Thanksgiving foods that can be harmful for your dog. While Thanksgiving is a time for delicious food, celebration and family – we don’t want to be offering things to our dogs that will unintentionally hurt them. A pricey trip to the local Emergency Vet is on no one’s “To Do” list for the holiday. So save yourself the injury to your wallet (and furbaby) by avoiding: cooked bones, chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, alcohol!

So what can you give your dog? If you have a dog that loves to beg for food and you just can’t say “no” to those sad puppy eyes, you can share:

1. Turkey breast! A small amount of cooked turkey breast is a nice treat for any dog. Obviously this should be given in moderation and generally to dogs that are not struggling with weight issues.

2. Fruit! If your Thanksgiving spread includes a fruit plate- keep in mind that almost all fruits are great for your dog! Just watch out for grapes!

3. Vegetables! Again, if your Thanksgiving spread is on the healthier side and includes veggies – whether cooked or raw- they are always good for dogs as well (except onions).

4. Pumpkin! If you have left-over pumpkin from making pumpkin pies, feel free to give some to Fido. Using real pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling is recommended!

Its nice to be able to “give thanks” to our furbabies by spoiling them but remember to keep everything in moderation! 

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