Pet Sitting Service in Hatfield PAAs a Hatfield pet sitting and dog walking company, we care for all types of pets. We have cared for dogs, cats, rats, bunnies, fish, birds, and even a hedgehog. We know that clients with different types of pets look for different things in a pet sitter. Sometimes a kitty parent will find that maybe their pet care provider is more oriented towards dogs, or vice versa. We attempt to specialize and learn as much as we can about all types of pets!

We have encountered many different circumstances that help to train and prepare us along the way. We acknowledge and understand that different care must be given to an older, arthritic dog than to a playful kitten. A puppy will need more detailed care and training than a 10 year old cat, etc. A dog that is prone to seizures will need to be watched carefully and need medications at specific times. A cat that is prone to urinary tract infections will need to be monitored during the visits and the litter box must be thoroughly inspected.

During our first complimentary consultation, we go over the pets detailed care routine with their parents. We take Cat Sitting Service Hatfield PAthorough notes and always reconfirm the instructions. Some of the pets in our care have very lengthy medication routines and there is no room for error. Older pets sometimes have trouble walking and need our assistance. Some pets will only eat if someone is present or if the food is in the right area. When we walk out of the consultation, pet parents can feel rest assured that PURRfect Pet Companion will care for their pets the same as how their parents do it! We strive to make your pet feel as comfortable and content as if their parents were actually home!

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