As pet parents, we’ve all seen it – our dog itching like crazy and biting himself. Itchiness in pets is often demonstrated by your “fur baby” licking, chewing or scratching their skin, ears and paws. Cats and dogs can lick and scratch until they have bald spots. Although itching is usually not life-threatening, it can be very irritating to your pet so if you notice this behavior, always contact your Veterinarian. 

Two major reasons for skin problems:  Pet Sitter in Lansdale

1. Allergies are the most common reason

  •  Fleas 
  •  Food
  •  Mold
  •  Dust mites
  •  Pollen

We get runny noses and itchy eyes if we have an untreated allergy.  Pets chew and scratch.  Contact your Veterinarian for help and treatment.  Use preventative medication for fleas and ticks.  Also look for food that has less allergy producing elements, such as grain-free food. As your local Lansdale Pet Sitter, I’ve seen this help a lot of pets!

2.  Behavior problems (usually as a result of stress)

  • Moving to new home
  • New person in household
  • Conflicts with other pets in home

These problems can be more difficult to treat. Its often best to consult with your Vet or an Animal Behavior Specialist. Typically, reducing your pets stress will go a long way!

~ Written by guest blogger Mary Ann W!

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