We decided about a year ago to require all clients to provide us with 2 sets of keys. Sometimes we are asked why two keys would be needed and what we do with the second key.

As your local pet sitting company, we strive to make the pet sitting process as easy as possible for our clients. A lot of Pet Care in Hatfield PAthings can go wrong with just one key on hand. The last thing we want to do is make unnecessary stress for our clients and their pets by having to call a locksmith or emergency contacts.

A single key could break in a lock or get stuck. We are not in the habit of losing keys and thoroughly keep track of the keys in our care, but a lost key is not beyond the realm of possibility. There is also a possibility of a pet sitter accidentally locking themselves out of your home. Lastly, sometimes due to illness or time off, pet sitting responsibilities will be shared between 2 pet sitters and having a key for each is beneficial.

Therefore, to keep things as simple as possible for both our clients and their furbabies, we have concluded that two keys are best. As with anything in life, having a backup is always important!

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