Chances are, you probably work all day and leave your dog at home. While hiring a dog walker is generally a great ideaHatfield Dog Walker to break up your dog’s day, I understand that its not for everyone. However, this means that your dog will spend 8 or more hours alone at home or in a crate with absolutely nothing to do. You might leave toys out for your dog but most dogs wont play too much if you aren’t home. Your dog will generally sleep most of the day, but when they wake up, what will they do? Often the answer is…. Be destructive!! Or if not destructive, they are at the very least – bored out of their minds!

I’ll talk about Kongs and other treat dispensers in another article, but in this one I’ll focus on making meal time more interesting. Yes, your dog eats meals when you are home, but the more fun and challenging you can make their mealtime, the more exhausted they’ll be the rest of the day!

The food dispensing “Omega Paw Ball” is my dog Alley’s favorite. We put her whole meal into the ball and let her work at getting the food out. She’ll generally roll the ball all around the house for about 20 minutes or longer to get all of the food out. It teaches your dog to work for food and gives them a challenge.

This food dispensing ball is also great because it helps to prevent bloat, by limiting how quickly your dog can eat. It also can help curb some food aggressions, as your dog doesn’t feel the need to guard a food bowl.

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