Lansdale dog walkerDuring the cold winter months, walking your pup may seem like a monstrous chore. However, before you cut your Lansdale dog walk short due to inclement weather, view the task from a different perspective of encouragement.

Doggies love prancing down the sidewalks or grazing through blades of grass (or mounds of snow). It’s such a joy to get out of the house and view a change of scenery. While you may be freezing in the icy temps, so is every other person outside for their break of fresh air. The fact that you are outside braving the winter season to walk your pup may just be the encouragement someone needs to finish that lap around the neighborhood. They think “if that person can do it, so can I.”

Although I do not own a dog of my own to walk, I follow through with my daily task of running. Some runs feel monotonous and extremely long—especially when bad weather is brewing. However, for some reason my workouts seem easier and more enjoyable whenever I see a kitty or dog (that is not chasing me into the middle of the road) out and about. In fact, the days I spot a cat scurrying through yard or a puppy bounding through the park are the workouts checked off in my head as a great day. It feels like I have a little spectator waiting for me to run by so they can cheer me on! I guarantee you that I have tacked on an extra mile or two just because someone’s pet made me smile (thank you kitty who stared in awe at me as I zoomed by).

If a simple runner can be inspired to rack up mileage just by the mere presence of a cat or pooch, imagine the encouragement that could be provided to others who actually need to walk their dog. Even if no one else is to be seen on the sidewalk, people passing by in cars or looking out their window might just need that reminder to nudge them out the door. No matter how many excuses zip through your mind, just step outside and get moving! The end result being a happier Fido and perhaps a more refreshed you.

~ Written by guest blogger and Lansdale dog walker Jenny B!

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