cat and dog sleeping togetherAs your local Lansdale pet sitter, many times I am asked the question, “are you a cat or dog person?” To answer simply, I’m both. It’s interesting to me how many people view the world as a cat/dog competition. Sure, I may reside with three kitties at home, but there’s no reason I should only be loyal to my feline friends. I’ll share a few thoughts on why this topic is such a gray area. 

Let’s start with cats. Cat people have a reputation of spending their nights as homebodies who curl up with a book or a movie. If this doesn’t fit your cat-personality, then you may be labeled as one of those crazy cat ladies: house filled with hundreds of mice toys, posting endless cat pictures, and roaming through every cat show in town. Typically, these lifestyles are looked down upon as boring or insane; but that’s not true. In fact, “cat people” live wonderful and happy lives. Cats are just as loving and sweet as dogs!

Now shifting gears toward the dog spectrum. These folks are portrayed as fun-loving, energetic outdoorsmen exploring hidden trails or out in the waves off a beach coast. They are viewed as healthy and happy individuals who are extremely outgoing. All these characteristics are certainly positive, but again, these stereotypes are many times unrealistic. I’ve seen a fair share of lazy dogs in my day. 

So how can I empathize with both of these  polar-opposite personalities? It’s simple. I live with multiple cats because I love listening to theirs purrs when I stroke their heads, or being able to fit into my bed (semi-)comfortably when they curl up at the bottom. I enjoy watching these kitties ferociously attack catnip mice and then the next minute curl up for a nap. They make life simple since they bathe themselves and neatly bury their own poops in a tiny box rather than needing to be let out every few hours.

But let’s not forget to reflect on the joys of being a dog owner either. It’s heartwarming to be greeted with love once you walk through your front door. And, it’s refreshing to take a stroll outside around the block when you know you would have stayed on the couch if it weren’t for your pup’s whines. You’ll always have a buddy to accompany you to the park when the weather is beautiful. Not to forget that you always have a bodyguard to keep you safe. Dogs certainly keep us active and accountable.

There are so many pros to owning both cats and dogs. Perhaps instead of comparing the two, we should all take a breath and just enjoy all the positive ways in which our pets enhance our lives everyday.

~Written by guest blogger and pet sitter Jenny B!

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